Friday, January 23, 2015

how to make an "animated" 3D LED Infinity Mirror XXL how to build an Illusion mirror

in this DIY we are going to show you how to build
an animated 3D Infinity Illusion Mirror XXL

Spare part List & Tools.:

Circular saw (to cut the acrylic surface on your needs)
Water Sprayer (soapy)
Squeegee (sealing)
Glass cutter (if you plan to cut a real mirror)
Side cutter (sharp)
Screwdrivers mix (cross, slot, big & small)
Hot Iron (sharp tip)
Solder (thin)
Small piece of shrinking tube (for connection)
3M or other double Tape
Heat gun shrinkable tubing Puncher 
Detergent (cleaning)

For first you going to buy, order or just collect all the needed Components for this Project, the most accessories and Spare parts you can get in our shop more information’s on our website, you can change the accessories like color of the tinting Film or color of the ACRYLIC MIRROR  you can choose of gold mirror and silver mirror, LED Strips you can choose of waterproof or none of the led strip, pcb color, controller, The Surface you can change to different materials or colors.
We offer all the accessories and assembling parts for this project and many other LED projects (TOP PRICE TOP QUALITY incl. WARRANTY) so we will assist you for questions and Price inquires.

Step. 1
For first prepare all your assembling parts:
1. First layer template Acrylic mirror (or real mirror)
2. Second layer clear Acrylic plate
3. Tinting foil (chrome, black or whatever you like as Final outlook
4. Aluminiumprofile spacers (height must match with LED Strip height)
6. U aluminiumprofile to fix the whole construct after it´s done

Step. 2
Make your calculations and draw a small construction plan to get all your measurements,
Depending on your final drawing measurements. Cut the clear acrylic Plate on your needs... as seen in the video, i use a circular saw (high speed) and an aluminum alignment bar, to slide along.

Step. 3
After you cut the clear acrylic plate on your demands (btw. we can laser your acrylic plates and mirrors on your needs customized OEM sizes accepted), make sure all the edges are clean, if you feel some bumps, just use an light scratching sand paper and deburr the edges well ?"WHY"? Because we want the tinting film adheres well on the acrylic plate and don´t show bubbles or something later

Step. 4  
Remove the protection film on the 2 layer Surface clear acrylic plate only one side.!
Make sure the surface is clean and dust free, soak the surface with Soapy water, and roll up your Chrome or Black tinting film, be careful here and use the right side of the foil.
Place the front side of the tinting film on the water to peel later the protection film from it.
Then cut the foil with 2cm jut out (stick out). Now you can remove the protection film.
Now soak the foil again with soapy water make sure that no any dust, hairs or anything else will get on it, turn it around use you´re squeegee to move out all the water, after use a cutter and cut along your edges .. That’s it our finished tinted acrylic glass ...

Step. X
Cut the glass mirror if you guys need me to explain it write some comments and i will add it for you not sure if there is demand now ;) contact us for the acrylic mirror we can laser on your demand

Step. 5  
Remove the protection film of the mirror, don't touch it too much to prevent footprints.
Cut you´re aluminum spacers on the length of the mirror add the double tape to the spacers and fix them to your mirror. Add your second Layer to recheck if all matches well..


Step. 6
Now align "paste" the LED Strips on the vertical side make sure they are 1mm under the top of the aluminum spacer otherwise they will scratch your tinting film on the surface.
Drill a hole in the corner or just carry out the cables on the top of the construct through the alu. Spacers.

Step. 7
For the inner triangle, it´s the same process cut your alu.spacers on demand double tape.. ! We just need to drill a hole in the middle of the mirror to carry out the cables

Step. 8
Final step just hang up the tinted surface plate on the construct with the LED stuff and fix it with your U Profile or how i made hang it on the roof and align a Z profile

Step. 9  
Enjoy, sell, rent, advertise and so on illusion mirror Infinity Mirror nice interior…. There are much opportunity’s to use that Project...

If I forget some important Notes please reply us or recheck in the Video also for information about the products the strip the power supply finished products and so on we’d like to help you fast as possible

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